Descendants of Charlemagne

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For users from the USthe roots of the sixty colonists!

Access to Charlemagne The data base can be read in various languages. English, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Dutch are available. Use the name based access to select a language. Note that the names are not in the selected language! (According to the data bases they are in English, Dutch, or German, respectively.) In the data base the names are intended to be in the nationality of the person. (Please correct me in wrong cases!)

The data base contains a complete list of the first 13 generations (according to E. Brandenburg) and later generations.

The goal is a complete database of all descendants up to some (say 20) generations.

The data base can be searched by four means.

General access---Name based access---Index----Time based access

There is also a database of European nobility. This database is a database of higher European nobles. It contains a good part of french, spanish, english and nordish nobility. The size is ca. 250 000 people, a good part of them are descendants of charlemagne.

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If you don't understand first namens, use: the first name translator

Another database is that of Gorm den Gamle, Konge af Danmark

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